Client Testimonials


Luc was friendly, helpful and above all honest and very professional. Truly a pleasure to deal with!

Christine M. and Lloyd B.

A good friend of mine referred Luc Guiho to us and we are very happy we contacted him. His positive attitude and friendly approach have been very important to us, his services went above and beyond our expectations. He simplified all the complex procedures of purchase and sale with professionalism and we are grateful for that. Luc guided us through all the steps for the sale of our previous house and the purchase of our dream home. He was a constant support and always available when we had questions to ask. We were respected and felt important to him. Luc is a generous agent, who listens, makes you laugh and takes good care of your needs. Our professional relationship is over but now we are proud to consider him as a good friend. Thank you for everything Luc!

Isabelle Patenaude and Ron Hanson

Luc has been very helpful in purchasing and selling our properties. He is very professional and dependable and definitely takes helping his clients at heart. He clearly listened to our needs and acted accordingly. He is personable and was a definite asset in our negotiations. His timely presence throughout was also notable. We would definitely use his services again.

Monique T. and Joe P.

Dès notre première rencontre, on a tout de suite eu l’impression d’avoir rencontré un agent honnête et transparent qui n’exerce pas de pression pour acheter. Luc fait preuve d’écoute active et a toujours travaillé à notre rythme afin de nous guider avec l’achat de notre domicile.

C. et P. Piché

Luc, thank you for your help, your advice and your suggestions… Today I can say I am proud and happy owner of (client’s address). You are one of the best Sales Representative in the business. Thank you very much for everything.

Thomas A.

We are very grateful to Luc for making our home buying process an enjoyable one. He is dedicated, reliable, professional, he has an endless supply of patience and is always available for questions and to provide advice.

We would not hesitate to use him as our agent again in the future and would happily refer him to someone looking to buy a new home.

Meg and Chad Letemplier

Luc was our real estate agent who helped us to find our first home. Our experience with him has been more than positive. Luc is very professional, reliable and patient. He has accommodated our needs to the fullest. As new home buyers we had a lot of questions and concerns, Luc has patiently addressed all of them and made sure that we were at ease. He is competent in his work and had given us good advice in regards to our home. When we went out to look at houses Luc was kind enough to let us evaluate the houses ourselves rather than imposing his opinion. He only gave it when asked and that commands respect but at the same time shows the respect he has for his clients and their opinion. Overall, it was wonderful working with Luc, he was always available when needed and quick to complete all tasks! Thank you Luc.

S. Nedyalkov and R. Petrova

I’ve worked with a quite a few realtors in my life and what I can say about Luc, well he showed me exactly what we were looking for and took the time to make the offer the day before we were leaving for a month and during our vacation between the counter offer and clarifying for small issues we closed the deal. This was the first time we had dealings with Luc and because of this smooth transaction, we can assure you that our next purchase we will request Luc’s services. Great job Luc, and service with a smile in French or English!

Steph L and Kema P

Dès le début, Luc était très attentif à nos besoins, et s’assurait de répondre à nos exigences. Il était toujours approchable et flexible. Il répondait rapidement à mes messages soit par téléphone, courriel ou par texte, et confirmait nos plans à chaque fois que nous devons visiter des maisons. Il nous écoutait et était très ouvert aux changements. Il s’assurait que notre choix était solide et que nous n’aurions pas de regrets. Quand la maison n’était pas satisfaisante, il nous disait bien ouvertement que ce n’était pas un bon “fit” pour nous. Il a un bon sens d’humour et j’ai pris plaisir à faire nos recherches avec lui.

Nicole Vézina et Dominic Jacot

Luc was able to go above and beyond our expectations as a real estate agent. We were first home buyers who were extremely short on time and with his help, were able to buy a house in just 2 days! Luc is a professional who possesses exceptional knowledge about real estate in Ottawa. He loves this city so everything was shown and explained to us thoroughly; no questions were left unanswered and he was always available for correspondence via phone or email, if needed. Thank you, Luc, for being great at what you do and for helping us find our dream home in Ottawa! Keep it up with your sense of humour and positive outlook on life!

Anya and Greg Kit

I purchased my 1st home with the assistance of Luc. He was introduced to me by a longtime friend. Luc was on time, friendly and professional while showing me the property. Turns out that the home was a hit for me and we began drawing up the paperwork that very evening. Within a few days the home was mine. Luc paid attention to detail and did his best to get my questions answered. I would recommend Luc to future clients because his knowledge and pleasant personality made it actually a hassle-free experience.

Kaila Lusignan

I have worked with Luc in the past, he is very personable and professional and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Ottawa region!

Brian C. Mayer (Toronto Realtor)

Nous avons rencontré Luc par hasard lors d’une journée porte ouverte. Nous avons discuté avec lui quelques instants et nous avons constaté assez rapidement qu’il était un passionné de l’immobilier et qu’il connaissant très bien le marché. Nous avons ensuite discuté de nos besoins et il était très attentif. Nous avons apprécié ses suivis et ses retours d’appels rapides. Nous avons surtout apprécié son honnêteté et le fait qu’il n’était pas insistant : il n’hésite d’ailleurs pas à déconseiller l’achat d’une maison. Ces qualités nous ont mis en confiance. Lors d’une visite en soirée, nous avons eu un coup de cœur pour une maison nouvellement sur le marché. Luc a travaillé très très tard pour compléter la promesse d’achat et grâce à ses conseils, c’est notre offre qui a été retenue par le vendeur. Merci Luc!

Vincent Caron et Mélanie Briand

Nous avons eu un excellent service de la part de notre agent Luc. Il est à l’écoute de ses clients afin de nous trouver un endroit idéal qui répond à nos besoins. Luc est professionnel à tous les niveaux. Il sait comment bien nous guider dans le processus de l’immobilier.


It has been such a joy having Luc as our real estate agent. He was friendly, honest, answered every question promptly, and was very reliable. I would highly recommend Luc to anyone looking to buy a home.

Jaein C & Julie D

Sinon pour donner nos avis sur les bons services rendus par Luc Guho ce sera d’une grande facilité et de façon aisée. Parce que sa disponibilité, gentillesse, ses conseils et efficacité nous ont été d’une grande utilité. Notre opération s’est clôturée comme prévu, en douce et sans encombre. Encore une fois merci.

Christine Kankindi et Fiacre Munezero

I just wanted to say that my husband and I are buying our first house, now as you can imagine we had no idea what the heck we were doing. Luc is AMAZING, he constantly checks in with us and updates us every step of the way….. now remember we are buying our first home and I was lost and had tons of questions personally I think we were a pain in the … lol but no matter how many times we called and anytime we got stressed and worried, Luc always was there ready to answer us and he would call to get answers for us to calm us and encourage us. So thank you Luc for going above and beyond for us, I would STRONGLY recommend Luc if your out there and you want to buy a house and don’t know where to start, then please consider Luc. I promise you will never regret it.

The Kuechler’s

On a vraiment eu la chance d’avoir l’assistance de Luc. Il connait son métier. il a le don d’ anticipation en ce qui concerne la réaction de l’acheteur. Il est réaliste et sympathique.

Afissa U. et Yves B.

Integrity, Patience and Respect were 3 of the main traits we were looking for in a real state agent and we found that and more in Luc! As stressful as the house-hunting process turned out to be, Luc never pressured us to make a hasty decision. Instead he was patient, listened to our needs and used his many years of experience, hard work and dedication to help find us the “perfect” house for us!

Luc’s got amazing negotiating skills and he puts them to great use in getting his clients the best deal he can get for them! We could go on and on about Luc but for now we’ll just say Thank you so much again for your great work Luc and looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Audrey N. and Grace N.

This was our first experience purchasing a home and Luc put us at ease by helpfully explaining every step of the process. He was readily available to us to make sure the deal went through without a hitch and to answer any questions that we had. He demonstrated throughout the process that he is dedicated to his clients. We were very grateful for his help with purchasing our first home.

Benoit & Stephanie

C’était un plaisir de travailler avec vous au cours de notre transaction immobilière. Nous avons particulièment été impressionnés par la rapidité avec laquelle nous avons cloturé positivement le dossier. Ceci n’aurait pas été possible si vous n’aviez pas fait preuve d’ouverture d’esprit, si vous n’aviez pas été ponctuel à tous nos rendez-vous et si vous n’aviez pas répondu rapidement à nos multiples questions.

Nous vous en remercions encore une fois.

Nicolas Nijimbere et Gertrude Niyonkuru

Luc Guiho nous a donné un service impeccable et personnalisé. Luc a une attitude merveilleuse, positive et il est très agréable. Nous avons aimé travailler avec lui pour la recherche de notre nouvelle maison. Il a investi beaucoup de son temps et ses conseils ont été grandement appréciés.

Merci beaucoup Luc!

M. et R. Dumont

Luc, Your help, your advice and your suggestions… Today I can say I am proud and a happy owner of (the address). You are one of the best sales representatives in the business. Thank you very much for everything!

Thomas A.